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The below prices constitute admission charges for Cirque du Soleil: OVO. A service fee of 5% of the ticket value is added to the ticket price.

Platinium Category:  369 PLN 

Gold Category:  299 PLN

Silver Category:  239 PLN

Bronze Category:  189 PLN

Children up to 2 years of age: free admission, no seat required. The condition for admission to the show is to have an ID confirming the age of the child.

Children aged 2-12 (for the event taking place on April 21st, 2023 - born between April 21st, 2011 and April 21st, 2021; when it comes to the remaining show dates the age of a minor is counted analogically) can use 20% discount. It's necessary to have valid document proving child's age (in case of children in school age document with picture) and present it at the entrance in order to use a 20% discount (2-12 years of age) or free entrance (children under 2 years of age).

Tickets for disabled people in a wheelchair, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

The ticket allows you to only enter the show on the date and time printed on the ticket. Exchanging the ticket will not be possible, and persons with wrong tickets will not enter the show. Please make sure your purchase is thoroughly considered and check  the date and time on the ticket right after the purchase.


  • Before getting back on the road in 2022, we took 3 months at our Cirque du Soleil Headquarters in Montreal, Canada to revisit the show. While the charismatic essence of OVO by Cirque du Soleil remains, we’re thrilled to present Polish audience three new acrobatic acts, different clown interactions, additional original music, as well as new bug characters and their buzzing costumes! 

  • The show lasts 100 minutes along with a 25-minute intermission in the middle of the show.

  • Spectators will be allowed to enter the arena one hour before the start of the show.  In order to avoid being late, we invite you to come earlier,  at least 15 minutes before the start of the show. ATTENTION: Due to safety reasons, entering the audience after the show has started may be impossible.

  • Cloakrooms are available in the arenas (cost: PLN 5*).

    *prices in cloakrooms are not established by the Promoter but by the operator of the given venue, therefore the prices may differ.

  • ARENA GLIWICE  has 800 parking places on the 5 car parks (P1-P5) around the venue.

    A parking fee applies during events. You can pre-book your parking online or pay on the day. The link to parking booking can be found in the event description.*

    There are 25 accessible parking spots. As a blue badge holder, you can park for free – just make sure you have it with you.

    *prices of the carparks are not established by the Promoter but by the operator of the given venue, therefore the prices may differ.

    Near ERGO ARENA there is an all-access car park available. It can fit 700 cars and up to 15 coaches. Access to the car park costs PLN 40* for passenger cars and PLN 100* for buses. The entry is free of charge for disabled people.

    There is a paid city car park near Ergo Arena, along the Łokietka St. (opened as needed). It has 350 parking places, and the price for entrance equals to PLN 30.

    *prices of the carparks are not established by the Promoter but by the operator of the given venue, therefore the prices may differ.

    To facilitate the purchase of parking tickets and avoid queues to the parking meters, we encourage you to download the ePark mobile application (, which allows you to pay parking fees quickly and conveniently with your own smartphone.

  • Yes, in reasonable amounts, and remember to keep the place clean.

    Only drinks in plastic bottles or cartons up to 500 ml are allowed at the venue.

  • For children aged from 2 to 12, special tickets with 20% reduction are available. If purchasing a reduction ticket, a proof of age of the child is required in a form of a document with a photo.

    Admission is free for children under 2, however, they need to be seated in the lap of their caregiver.  The caregivers of children under 2 are requested to provide a proof of age of the child.

    The children are not to be left unattended during the show. The tickets purchased for children must adjoin the seat of their caregiver.

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